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Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins


After a successful career as a rapper, Georgia Peach Rasheeda Frost has become the epitome of a "boss chick". She has built her brand, cosmetic line, and clothing store into quite the empire, and recently opened up her Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins Pressed store in Houston.

Rasheeda has become a pro at balancing all of her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Women across the nation look to her as a source of inspiration, admiring her success and idyllic life who makes having it all look oh so easy.

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However, last season it all came tumbling down around her when Jasmine Washington accused Rasheeda's husband Kirk of fathering her child. Now, Rasheeda is separated Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins trying to pick up the pieces of her once perfect life.

Oluremi "Mimi" Faust has been charming the audiences of VH1's highest ranking reality show for six seasons. Initially the "girlfriend" of Stevie J, Mimi has found a way to stand on her own. Her confidence, style, and wit keeps viewers engaged, as she balances motherhood with relationships and new business ventures.

She has one daughter, Eva with her now ex-boyfriend, Stevie J. If there is mess, Karlie Redd is in it! But she's also the first to jump on any opportunity. The multi-tasking business maven has had her hands in several business. Her store Merci, in the suburbs of Atlanta, is booming, she's been hustling in the Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins, and most recently decided to turn her sexual exploits into literary gold.

Karlie has been working with NY Times bestseller, Zane on putting the finishing touches on her book, which has been no easy feat as she continues to travel the country touring as an actress in stageplays and working locally on the hit show Saints and Sinners. Stevie J has been melting hearts since his days as Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins Bad Boy, working alongside giants such as P. Blige, and Mariah Carey.

The three-time Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, and musician has been focused on crafting new music with contemporary artists for over two decades. But he's always on the lookout for new talent. Audiences Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins in love with Stevie the patriarch, as he made his children the center of his attention. The father Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins six definitely has his hands Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins balancing television, music, family, and potentially a new romance.

Before her trip down the aisle, Dime is working hard in the studio to crank out hits before her "I Dos". The Memphis rapper has been finding her footing in the music industry since landing a deal with Flo Rida years ago. Now unsigned, Dime is looking for a label home for her down south flare and bossed up style. She recently released a single and some visuals for her latest song and plans to follow it up with an EP.

Tommie Lee instantly rose to stardom with her television debut in season 5; partly because of her fiery personality, but also because of her flawless looks. The New Jersey native came out guns blazing and has shown no signs of slowing down.

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With several business deals in the making, Tommie plans to build an empire around Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins burgeoning brand. With her ex-lover Scrapp DeLeon behind bars, this single mother of two is hard at work building her empire and needs no Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins to complete her kingdom. "Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins" may have lost a few friends and gained some new haters, but nothing is stopping her glow up.

You've been living under a rock if you aren't familiar with the name Erica Mena. Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last and Erica has spent the last few years reevaluating her priorities. As an actress, she landed a featured guest role on the Emmy Award winning episode of Master Of Nonetaking her brand to the next level.

Now she's back, better than ever, and ready to prove she really has what it takes to make it as an artist. Erica has chosen Atlanta as home base to be close to the talented producers in the hip hop music mecca and is determined to make some music magic.

Songwriter and producer Kirk Frost hails from Atlanta.

Rapper Kevin Gates has revealed...

As the founder and owner of D-Lo Entertainment, his portfolio of song placements is significant to say the least. Kirk has had a hand in placing songs on films such as Beauty ShopThe Fogand several others. However, his greatest accomplishment has been his marriage to the "boss chick" Rasheeda. The couple wed in and have built a music and fashion Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins, all while raising their children and putting family first.

Yet, the events of last season left their relationship frayed, and it will be up to Kirk to see if he is capable of winning back the love and trust of Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins woman who grew up by his side. Joc Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins a veteran and fan favorite who travels the country with his comedy routines, brandishing trends that become undeniable sensations.

Joc's hair became such a hot topic that he decided to use the infamy to open a hair salon in Atlanta - Salon Eshelon. He recently broke ground on the location and has hopes to make his mark on the beauty scene in Atlanta, while juggling multiple entrepreneurial efforts, including cranking out new music.

After an impactful guest appearance in Season 6, electric performer and "Queen of the Dancehall" Grace Hamilton, aka "Spice", joins the cast to make some noise! Known for her electrifying stage performances and dancehall hits, such as "Sheet", "Romping Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins, and "So Mi Like It", Spice is famous for being a raunchy, raw raptress from the island of Jamaica.

Now Spice is looking to make it big in the states. If she can make it on the mean streets of Jamaica, she can make it anywhere and is determined to do so in the A! She not only wants to broaden her fan base, but also aims to shine a positive light on her country and build a legacy for her two children. The social media fixture fancies herself a model, blogger and actress who has the musical chops to make it! Estelita's Latin heritage is infused in all she does. She is working on making some fuego hits to match her caliente looks and plans on releasing new "Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins" soon!

But she's also a hopeless romantic. After watching her 8 year marriage to music manager Rod "Shooter" Gates implode after he cheated with Sierra's assistant Moriah, Sierra is putting the pieces back together and giving love another try as she navigates a divorce. Never one to be slowed down by a man, this mother of two is bossing up, taking her business across state lines by holding classes to teach other women how to become independent consultants and chase the "bag"!

Tammy Rivera recently found success Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins a songstress and her hit single "All These Kisses" made an impression on the charts. While she and her husband Waka Flocka Flame continue to work on their marriage, Tammy is hard at work Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins making a name for herself in the music business Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins still juggling her T. Rivera swimwear line and raising her daughter Charlie.

Having successfully created a lane for herself by crafting and cultivating events both domestically and internationally, Melissa continues to grow and expand her brand. Melissa is the owner of Soulbar at Pals Lounge and recently ventured into the party bus business. She hopes to build an empire catering to the elite who like to travel and party in style.

Raised in Houston's 5th Ward, Brittany Bullock, better known in the industry as "Just Brittany" makes some noise as she joins the cast this season. Formerly signed to Cash Money Records under the watchful eye of hip-hop mogul Brian "Birdman" Williams, this songstress' unique and diverse sound has earned her 3 slots on the Billboard charts making her the premier artist to watch.

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InBrittany broke into television as a contestant on the VH1 reality series Signedwhere she landed a single deal with Rick Ross who dubbed her the first lady of MMG. She recently made the move to Atlanta to work with some of ATL's heavy hitters and develop her sound, while working on her album.

Hit-maker Sean Garrett, aptly dubbed "The Pen" by Jay-Z, has built a reputation for himself not only as one of mainstream music's hottest producers and a Grammy nominated songwriter, but as a young "Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins" legend. Garrett stands as one of the music industry's heaviest hitters, changing the game one Number One hit at a time. Producing an impressive number of number one chart-toppers, Sean is one of the top producers of his generation according to Billboard — with more Number Ones in a shorter period of time than any of his peers.

Garrett is responsible for penning and producing dozens of chart topping hits for all of today's brightest stars — from Beyonce and Justin Bieber, to Usher and Miley Cyrus. Garrett has finally stepped out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight. He recently released two singles: Garrett is impacting the industry and changing the culture as he attempts to transition from hitmaker to artist while wrangling his best friend BK Brasco and romancing some Georgia peaches along the Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins. BK Brasco is poised to leave his undeniable mark on Atlanta.

The Brownsville, Brooklyn native initially pushed his way to the forefront of NY's competitive Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins rap scene with his former rap group "Brooklyn. Although the group disbanded, Stewart saw something special in Brasco and helped him hone his skills as an MC and songwriter. Following a brief stint at Interscope records, BK Brasco crossed paths with megastar Timbaland, signing on as an artist, songwriter and producer.

BK is now in the A looking to make an indelible imprint in the music Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins of the world, while also making his mark on the ladies. Tokyo first made waves on the music scene in with her hit single "That's My Best Friend.

Now Tokyo is here in the A to connect with hit music producers AND pursue a unique relationship with her boyfriend, fellow rapper Tabius Tate. With Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins wit, sense of style, and unique brand of confidence, Tokyo Vanity is bound to make her mark. Keely Hill joins the cast bringing with her over a decade of music and entertainment industry experience.

Getting the hustle started in college, she landed a gig as a marketing representative for Universal Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins Group and spearheaded various successful marketing and promotion projects. Keely crash landed in the A, after a stint with Def Jam in NYC and she is looking to continue to build an undeniable brand as music rep to the stars, while also juggling a rekindled romance with mega promoter K.

While her second chance at love with first AND second husband Ernest may be rocky at times, there is no doubt that Momma Dee's palace will always be kept in order. Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins recently took her talents behind the scenes, producing her very own online show while still dabbling in music. Known for her cougar ways, KK's youthfulness and vitality are her trademark.

And with her son Scrapp behind bars, KK's keeping the embers warm as she lies in wait for his inevitable release. Atlanta's super party promoter K.

Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins is known for throwing some of the hottest parties in the dirty south!

Rapper Kevin Gates was having...

He is a "Street Ambassador" and promoter for Atlanta's newest hip-hop station at Streetz Botchey is an important fixture on the scene in Atlanta and his influence stretches to Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins charitable works as well.

He is always on deck to lend a hand with various charities in the community and attributes a lot of his social awareness to his upbringing. Raised by first generation Ghanaian parents, K. Botchey has tasked himself with making a difference for his family, with his multiple business ventures.

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Aside from his philanthropic efforts, one of his main priorities has been to rekindle his relationship with music executive Keely Hill. Jasmine Washington is a New York native and and former exotic dancer who moved to Atlanta three years ago with big dreams for her future. She met her current boyfriend Rod Bullock and had big relationship goals, until she found herself pregnant and had to adjust her plans. Jasmine is currently balancing being a new mom with career aspirations, and a few secrets of her own.

Rod "Shooter" Gates is a Grady baby through and through. Love & Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins Hop Atlanta cast listing. Learn more about the stars of this popular TV series including exclusive news, photos, full episodes, videos, and more at.

The first song you hear on Donald Glover's new FX show Atlanta plays Henry is Earn's cousin, Paper Boi, Diamond atlanta rapper dating cousins aspiring rapper; and Stanfield plays.

Lloyd's “Get It Shawty” plays during a date scene; Darius and Paper Boi. Kevin Gates is not shy about keeping it in the family. The Louisiana rapper has posted a jaw-dropping confessional that after dating a woman.

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