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Zelda fan dating

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I have to admit that a girl who likes Zelda always sort of gets an advantage because I've come to realize that sharing a hobby makes us bond much better. A few years back, I met my ex-girlfriend Zelda fan dating a pub in my college.

The reason that I went over and talked to her was because she was wearing a necklace of Zora's Sapphire from Ocarina of Time her being cute probably helped too. That entire night we talked about all kinds of stuff related to Zelda "Zelda fan dating" it was really cool just talking to somebody whom I had something in common with.

We eventually started dating. It was perhaps the best relationship I've had to this day because of how much we learned we had in "Zelda fan dating" afterwards. Zelda definitely helped as a catalyst for the relationship which lead to many other thing. They don't have to like the Zelda-series as long as me liking it isn't a negative trait to them.

If they have never touched a video game in their life I might be confused and embarrassed tho because while I do have goals and interests bigger than my interest in video games, I am so emotionally invested in video games. I'm not really invested in any video game enough to let it influence what I look for in a mate, even if there were, it sure as hell wouldn't be Zelda, a more-often-than-not single player game, there's no real way to share that, it's not exactly fun to WATCH people play Zelda fan dating game, especially one you've already played.

I have to admit that...

I "Zelda fan dating" care if she likes Zelda or not, I'm not a huge Zelda fan anymore anyway. It'd be nice if she liked videogames in general though. I introduced my first girl to LoZ. She wasn't really obsessed with computer games in general.

We had our interests faintly connected, really. I don't mind if they don't like the series but they have to be a gamer of some sort. Its not that I can't date a guy who isn't, it will just avoid the relationship being boring. My ex Zelda fan dating a massive Zelda fan and gamer in general.

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We would play games together on release or replay Nintendo games we both enjoyed. I'll admit that I miss that part of our relationship as my current boyfriend does not play video games. That said, things went wrong in other parts of our relationship which were more important and you have to realise that a strong successful relationship is sustained with more than just mutual interests. This extends to friendships too. I would love to meet a guy who is a zelda fan!

I'd prefer dating a DotA fan. Girls don't play DotA though. I'm going to die alone!. Zelda Zelda fan dating what brought me and my boyfriend together. I can't imagine dating a Zelda fan dating who doesn't play or like video games. I like having common interests with someone that I'm close to, you know? I guess since Legend of Zelda is kinda what has driven me to be who I am. I guess if they aren't a fan already Zelda fan dating gotta convert them.

I'm not sure I quite agree on that. Yes, there are different much more important aspects "Zelda fan dating" a relationship than common hobbies. However I do believe that a common hobby that both people enjoy adds an extra flavor Zelda fan dating the relationship.

Of course it could just be down to personal taste. Personally, I believe that life is too short for me to not spend it with somebody whom I have a lot in common with because I'd like to have a relationship where we both have activities that we can enjoy equally. A part of me fantasizes being with someone who has a desktop for gaming like mine, so we can do PC gaming stuff. And I haven't played a Zelda game in ages, so that doesn't really matter.

I am not stating that you shouldn't date someone who shares a hobby. I meant people should be wary when shared interests take precedence above everything else. My current boyfriend shows vague interest in videogames despite not playing them we went to one of those game symphonies recently for examplebut is also invested in other components of "Zelda fan dating" relationship. Hell, he got me a copy of Hyrule Historia for my birthday.

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My ex however, only really connected when we played videogames and he showed nearly complete disinterest in more important "Zelda fan dating" of a relationship.

I don't believe the latter to be an abnormal situation, particularly among young people. That's where I think it's a bad idea, Zelda fan dating you ignore someone's faults purely because they share your hobbies and that's the word of caution I'm trying to convey.

Of course it's an advantage. I can't see how it wouldn't be.

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Zelda fans because they don't even realize that Half Zelda fan dating is the best video game series ever created:).

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Fans, march 3, on the Zelda fan dating. The mechanics in breath of zelda fan games: skyward sword, march 3, on nintendo showed off a legend of zelda twilight princess. Zelda fan dating sequel: Everything on the next Zelda game – release date, the fans really want the sequel to go back to Hyrule largely due to the.

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