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Anyone who needs to graph and analyze data, especially in the quality market. The car you drive. The medicine you take. The bank you use. The device or computer you're looking at right now. Chances are that all of them have been developed or improved using Minitab.

Minitab is the leading statistical software used for quality improvement and statistics education worldwide. I liked the package because it was a professional use package not just deigned for classroom use and it was still easy enough for my students to use. There is a small learning curve to overcome, but my students adapt to the package very quickly. The iterations I have used started with version 12 and I am now using version They product has become more streamlined over the years and more Minitab free trial online dating friendly as well.

The support I Minitab free trial online dating received from Minitab has been excellent and utilizing the license server for my lab allows me to deploy the package to more computers.

That is a real plus when one machine goes down and I need to use all my licenses. Some of the graphical outputs are still not as good as MS Excel, but they have been improving over the years. I wish it could do a back-to-back stem plot, "Minitab free trial online dating" that's a minor inconvenience. The program allows my students to work with very large data sets and allows me to assess their analyses very easily.

Minitab offers a very good end user experience for descriptive and inferential analysis. Also minitab product help tutorials are very good and well explained that cover most of the possible doubts.

The interpretation of results that minitab provides on integral analysis like Capability analysis or hypothesis testing is very useful for sharing with management. I use minitab 18 very often to analyze process variations of food production plant, also it is used to report the improvements on any process based on any change. What I like most about this product is all of the functionalities available for performing statistical analysis on both real-world data and theoretical studies.

The built-in functions and graphs are absolutely excellent and save a lot of time by automatically doing computations on data sets that would otherwise require additional software for computation. It is very easy Minitab free trial online dating input the data and then have so many different options for essentially "auto-analyzing" the data through the large variety of Minitab free trial online dating tools made available with this program.

I am yet to hear of another program geared to this level with statistical analysis tools. What I like least about this software is the way that some of the graphs are generated. Sometimes graphs with many data points may come out very messy and crowded and I feel that steps could be taken to improve the aesthetics of such graphs as essentially the point of graphs is to allow the reader to have a good visual with the behavior of the data or whatever it might be which is being presented on the graph.

As such, I feel that better aesthetics are critical for communicating this information. If you need a statistical software that stands Minitab free trial online dating from any other system.

Minitab is viable option. But, if you need it to tie to other systems to be feed the data, don't go this route. You can import data manually and copy manually, but that is it.

This works the same way on export. So in other words, it is like a fancy calculator that you have sitting on your desk.

Over the years they have improved their navigation thru their menus, and added some functionality to it, but still lacks to other software packages. If you have two or more systems that you use regularly e. Virtual machine and Desktop Workstationyour license only supports one system. If you need it on both, you have to purchase a separate license. Even Autodesk has figured this out to not be a very viable option for their customers. Be cautious about their training packages.

You are not allowed to purchase a course, but only an allotted time for a course. So like most work environments, work can take priority over completing a course. So, if you do not complete it in time, you miss out. It was a good statistical software back in their early years, but never kept up with technology and demand of the customers. And, it still has its old ghost that never were worked out of the system. I don't suggest using this. Go with some other system that someone suggests highly, that meets the demands of this age, not an age gone past.

PD, thank you for sharing your perspective on Minitab. Only a single license can be active at any given time per the single-user license agreement, and we also offer multi-user licenses if that better meets your needs.

And you can fortunately integrate Minitab with other systems to automatically import data, then create charts, run stats, etc. For assistance, please contact Tech Support at Minitab facilitates processing, very quickly for data analysis and the clarity of the graphics are Minitab free trial online dating than Minitab free trial online dating of SPSS. Its statistical tools are precise and easy to use, allowing us to access a better knowledge of the information contained in the data, with an important saving of time in the collection, analysis and interpretation cycle.

You can work something basic starting with the descriptive statistics to statistical methods for predictions such as regression models, ANOVA, Time Series and experiment designs. What It Means That For Research Fields Applied With Specialized Techniques, for example, it Minitab free trial online dating not the ideal option for neural networks in the field of artificial intelligence or in the case of geostatistics, Since "Minitab free trial online dating" type of analysis will have to be programmed through the macro system.

I love the robust features built into the software Minitab free trial online dating how they are balanced with ease of use. The only improvement I would request is line breaks in printing at Minitab free trial online dating end Minitab free trial online dating a word rather than at a set number of characters.

I have been using Minitab with my AP Statistics students since version I have found it to be robust, but at the same time reasonably Minitab free trial online dating for high school students to use. The graph capabilities have improved dramatically since the earlier versions I used. I will continue to use Minitab 17 with my classes I have been using this software since back in my college days, and it was a serious competitor to Excel. Obviously both have their perks and benefits, but I find Minitab to be better most of the time.

There are a lot of tutorials in case one isn't familiar with it, which is great for first learning the software or improving over time. I have had a hard time in the past importing data, and have had issues getting plots that I need.

There should be a wider variety of models. Some graphs, especially ones with lots of data, can be difficult to read. I have experienced this across most data software I use, but it is still a con.

Overall, this is great for data analysis as a student and alright in industry. I have not come across anything in industry that I couldn't do on Excel, but I prefer Minitab since I have been using it for longer. Its a nice tool for statisticians can import the data easily from excel and with in few clicks we can generate the graphs and can easily demonstrate them.

The help library should have been made user friendly. Any kind of statistical analysis you need done you can find with Minitab. While in many other programs it takes careful wording of equations and an innate knowledge of statistics Minitab lays it out in a very clear manner.

Whether you want to run an ANOVA, a Chi-squared test, make a histogram, or run a multiple regression model Minitab offers all of this and more. Furthermore, I have spent a good amount of time going through Minitab's tutorials and those are worth their weight in gold. If you ever worry that you forgot everything from your college statistics course: This program will teach you everything you need to know.

It could be better at offering ways to print your projects, it can look jumbled if you do not set it up carefully. Not Minitab free trial online dating can I run any statistical analysis that I may need, I can also learn about ones I did not previously know.

And with an easy Microsoft Excel import function you can run regressions on any data sent your way. Wide range of statistic tools to help portray the data that I want, in the way I want to do it. A lot of the learning of how to use the software is trial by fire. Not all the features are perfectly lined out in the beginning. If you're like me, then you've built hundreds of Excel tools from first-principles As long as you take this product seriously, you'll be fine Even understanding first principles of numerical management, this product can be a little disorienting at first.

It's like a swiss army knife with a thousand tools While the product integrates well with Excel, it can be easy to make a mistake in the way your data is formatted before entering. If you're working with someone who isn't at the LSSBB level, they literally won't understand anything about this product.

Provides the widest array of statistical analysis tools. The graphical outputs are amazing. I am able to constantly wow executive leadership with Minitab's control charts and other diagrams.

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Although many options are available for individual users that make costs effective, justifying the cost of the software to my organization has been challenging. Easy analysis, amazing graphing. The best tool for statistical analysis. I can compile data reports at the hit of a button.

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I was using Excel workbook for data analysis and regression analysis but minitab is way more user friendly and less complex in comparison to excel.

It also Minitab free trial online dating a lot more functionalities which are missing in excel. There is nothing I do not like about the software.

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Minitab 17 has all the tools you need to effectively analyze your data. For Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Get Minitab now!. Free trial online dating service - Register and search over 40 million singles: chat.

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