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In one corner, a leather-clad man was whipping bloody welts into the bare back of his chained-up boyfriend.

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In another corner, a woman wearing nothing but a lacy pair of panties and a blindfold was tied up to a St. Then there was a woman bent over a Sex op party horse in the middle of the room, sobbing like Moaning Myrtle.

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It was a jarring contrast to the sight of people dressed like wizards and witches drinking frothy cups of Butterbeer on the sidelines. This scene continued to unfold to the whimsical beat of a song from the Harry Potter soundtrack.

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I Sex op party over at my friend Padma and wondered if she was feeling the same way as me—a combination of morbid fascination, slight arousal and amusement at the fact that we were spending our Friday night together at a Harry Potter—themed BDSM party. Back in high school, my friends and I were obsessed with Harry Potter. We were kids living in the suburbs of Silicon Valley, and the series provided us with the ultimate form of escapism and adventure.

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So how did I end up there? In the weeks leading up to the party, I was excited about the possibility of exploring a new part of my sexuality.

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My only BDSM experience before had been with an ex-boyfriend, when he tied me up while using a Sex op party on me. I found it incredibly sexy, so I had hopes that something similar might happen at this party if I met the right wizard.

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Plus I was on a dry spell of over six months, and my sex drive had taken a big nosedive thanks to an extremely stressful year that involved quitting a job, moving across the country twice and nearly running out of my savings. A few hours before the party, my friend Padma, a fellow fan of Harry Potter and unusual adventures, came over to my apartment to get ready with me. I opted for a hot-pink wig inspired by the character Tonksa black corset, lace stockings, black wizard robes and the wand that my friends had surprised me with on my 30th birthday at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Padma wore a long purple wig, a sexy low-cut black top, a fitted skirt and heels. We decided to nix the black-lace Sex op party masks I had purchased from Amazon.

They were too Fifty Shades of Grey for this occasion. Once we were happy with our respective outfits, we ordered a Lyft Line to take us Sex op party the dungeon.

I was surprised to see that the majority of costumes were not kinky, so I felt a little like an outsider in my cleavage-baring corset and lace thigh-high stockings.