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Transgressive sexuality definition


No healthy person, it appears, can fail to make some addition that might be called perverse to the normal sexual aim. In Transgressive sexuality definition article perversion will be posited as a tactic towards Transgressive sexuality definition of ways of thinking sexuality and subjectivity. This article introduces traditional definitions of perversion and the dominant paradigms by which they are named.

Perversion challenges Transgressive sexuality definition subject' as a defined and reified Transgressive sexuality definition which reflects rather than creates the personal and social expression of self. The article foregrounds the temporal aspects of subjectivity as continually transforming. These binaries most often reflect a dominant and non-dominant position. Perversion in this article will call for the reconfiguration of binarily defined and fixed subjectivity, so that all subjects are acknowledged as unstable and metamorphic.

Thus any one position cannot be privileged. There are implications "Transgressive sexuality definition" celebrating both non-dominant subjects and subject positions, such as 'woman', which have been subject to oppression and are yet to achieve equal recognition. The burgeoning feminist work on becoming-monster as a potentially subversive subject position - what I have termed 'feminist teratology' - is introduced in order to acknowledge the problems and powers implicit in utilising formerly marginalised subject positions to challenge established ideas regarding perversion and the desirability of the 'normal'.

The role of discourse in relation to teratology concludes the article, emphasises the difficulties in rethinking paradigms of being, becoming, and naming oneself differently without falling into established ontological patterns. In its clinical definition perversion simply means any non-procreative sexual act or heterosexual act which mimics the procreative act.

The elements of a comprehensive definition of sexual perversion should include sexual activity or fantasy directed towards orgasm other than genital intercourse with a willing partner of the opposite sex and of similar maturity, persistently recurrent, not merely a substitute for preferred behaviour made difficult by Transgressive sexuality definition immediate environment and contrary to the generally accepted norm of sexual behaviour in the community.

Recent definitions are more liberal, however, the basic paradigm of Scott's definition remains. Perversion relies, for its definition, not on what it is or includes, but what it Transgressive sexuality definition not. In its most rudimentary definition Transgressive sexuality definition defines perversion as primarily whatever is not traditional heterosexuality.

Although traditional heterosexuality is no longer primarily procreative it continues to mimic the reproductive act where subjectivity is defined through the reproductive capacity of the opposed genders performing the act, rather than exploit the infinite potentials of the body thought through unbound desire where the gender of the other may or may not be the most important aspect of thinking the act.

Thus heterosexuality refers less to acts of sex which occur between two Transgressive sexuality definition of the opposite sex as to the phantasy of heterosexual intercourse that is automatically presumed as inevitable if someone is 'normal'. Perversion is more the perversion of presumptions of subjects Transgressive sexuality definition to established subject positions, genders and sexualities rather than simply a deviation from heterosexual intercourse.

Perversion is not a repudiation or celebration of certain acts but ways of thinking such acts. Perversion is also beyond homosexuality. Traditionally studies of perversion have taken, as their first departure point, any desire beyond socially sanctioned forms of heterosexuality, but as homosexuality is increasingly accepted in both society and biology it is important to move beyond the binary of hetero and homo.

Perversion encompasses a particular space in what Deleuze and Guattari call 'becoming minoritarian'. Becoming-minoritarian "implies two simultaneous Transgressive sexuality definition, one by which a term the subject is withdrawn from the majority, an another by which the term Transgressive sexuality definition medium or agent rises up from the minority" Deleuze and Guattari Perversion is the minority of normal sexuality because it exploits minority ways of thinking desire, not because it is necessarily different and it may not be to common sexual practice.

Subject positions, particularly gender, are withdrawn from the configuration as the only important terms by which to define sexuality. Desire is an amorphic term and all moments of desire are unique, not necessarily repeatable and hence a series of minor sexualities. If we utilise perversion as an agent toward becoming-minoritarian Transgressive sexuality definition withdraw from acknowledging paradigms of majority as the only, compulsory or most attractive positions available.

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This withdrawal is an active withdrawal. Perversion combats the normative force of dominant paradigms with the force of deliberate resistance through thinking and doing desire differently. Desire configured within a heterosexual matrix affirms gender as oppositional. Subjectivity which is defined as an object rather than a series of acts is always defined not simply as what it is but through the value given it within social hierarchies. The power Transgressive sexuality definition situating certain positions within that hierarchy can be resisted through perversion.

Perverse acts challenge subjectivity as spatially fixed, thus the capacity to fix the subject within a larger social hierarchy becomes difficult. This also challenges the notion that the value of certain subjects is always undesirable because it is named as such by dominant discourse. Actively naming one's project as perverse acknowledges that within all relations of power - here the power to name and value - there is the potential for resistance through changing the meaning and hence value of terms.

"Transgressive sexuality definition" than just altering the meaning of 'pervert', temporal subjectivity elucidates the primary paradigm Transgressive sexuality definition the spatial fixing of terms which dominant discourse relies on in order to define and value those "Transgressive sexuality definition." The noun 'perversion' is frequently taken as a means to making the noun 'pervert' rather than as a verb.

Because bodies are seen as finished once they exhibit adult sexual drives, the rigidity of the term pervert is affirmed upon intervention from other discourses: Theorising the body as existing not purely as a spatial subject, but in time as a series of open reconfigurations and constant change suggests other ways of understanding the self and the subject as being in permanent flux.

Normalised subjectivity is itself a constant re-enactment of the constellation of what one wants to be, believes oneself to be, and societal expectation. For this reason all subjects are open to the potential of perverting themselves and each other through act, the force of relation, and affect, but none are pervert in an ontologically static sense. To actively seek to pervert the predictable pattern of subjective enactment, here beginning with the paradigm of sexuality, is to Transgressive sexuality definition the enactment of subjectivity as Transgressive sexuality definition a re-enactment, but a possible place for transgression.


Culture most often defines sexuality through the presence, absence and place of the penis. Feminine sexuality is, by its existence in Transgressive sexuality definition to the isomorphic signifier of the phallus, perverse if it is independent of or configured differently against the phallus.

Masturbation is often considered a substitute for 'real' sex, foreplay considered preclusion to the 'real' act, and lesbianism remains an enigma in terms "Transgressive sexuality definition" sexual representation.

Woman, according to Luce Irigaray, is relegated. Woman's flesh can act as metaphor for discursive holes in representations of perversion. This metaphor is ambiguous however.

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The discursive Transgressive sexuality definition as absence of representation or independent desire is also the hermeneutic hole in which woman is enclosed and named as other.

The hole is empty and yet terminates the need to think woman further by relegating and defining lack of representation to representation of other as unknown or enigmatic. The enigma itself becomes the representation rather than signifier of something yet to be represented. Her Transgressive sexuality definition, defined as holes, and labial 'fault' lines, are not empty spaces but spaces empty only in reference "Transgressive sexuality definition" sexuality defined through phallic sexuality.

Victorian sexualities . For me,...

Both woman and perversion are 'less-than' or 'the other side' of the neutral sexual male hetero subject. Both constitute a lack or hole in sexual discourse. Thinking this hole refuses it as being defined as absence alone.

Exploring this place creates a volitional tactic of positive perversion, rather than an externally enforced definition or lack of definition. This hole becomes, literally, an entrance point for feminists and all minorities interested to challenge ways in which discourse constitutes gender and pleasure.

Similar to the idea that for something to be feminist, it must be 'different' to culture's dominant homogenised and homogenising structure, perversion is Transgressive sexuality definition different; reading a different way, comprehending a different way, Transgressive sexuality definition also, rendering the subject as different with each affect. It would be Transgressive sexuality definition to use perversion tactically without acknowledging issues of power, control and oppression in relation to sexuality clinically or socially defined as perverse.

Power as mentioned earlier, resides in the power to name, and to define that name through its value and place in striated society.

The power of discourse both constitutes bodies and desires and reflects their position in relation to the dominant. However, resistance does not need to oppose the dominant with one alternative. Perversion does not define itself, it simply resists the discursive power of the dominant to denigrate it. This project reflects the resistance feminism has expressed toward dominant patriarchal Transgressive sexuality definition. Feminism "Transgressive sexuality definition" constituted as a political continuum rather than a static methodology, Transgressive sexuality definition feminist subjects are not a certain kind of subject, rather multiple subjects who resist the dominant as a refusal to being discursively 'known' or adamantly denied recognition.

Like feminism, perversion exploits such Transgressive sexuality definition and ambiguities, highlighting the anxiety any form of ambiguity arouses in projects of power which involve naming, knowing and valuing.

The histories of various 'perverse' subjects locate them as objects of scientific research, their status of Transgressive sexuality definition sexuality given them by scientific and Transgressive sexuality definition ontology. By making perversion a tactic of becoming otherwise - a line of flight from established sexual paradigms - those bodies, and all bodies, claim the power to enact and define their own perversion.

Perversion is an ethical tactic towards transformation as much as it is a subversive one, because it refutes the desirability of being accepted within dominant discourse, without refuting its own history or forgetting the accountability of the dominant.

Becoming minoritarian does not know its own end; it does not become fixated with the rigid romanticism of marginals within a social Transgressive sexuality definition. Deleuze explains the difference between becoming pervert and romanticising marginality.

I share Michel's [Foucault's] distaste for those who consider themselves marginals; the romanticism of madness, delinquency, perversion, and drugs is less bearable for me. But for me lines of flight On the contrary, they are objective lines that cut across a society, and on which marginals install themselves here and there in order to create a buckle, Transgressive sexuality definition whirl, a recoding.

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Deleuze emphasises perversion is not an aim or a final product of subversion. In this article perversion refers to a tactic, not a subjective mode of existence. To pervert one's static self is the aim, not to become pervert. Perversion is found in the way a subject functions rather than what a subject Transgressive sexuality definition. Perversion describes the open circuit of the flow of desire existence as desire not with desire.

This is contrary to desire defined through lack which demands object choice. Perversion thinks existence as a series of processes rather than a spatial Transgressive sexuality definition a or the subject, available for clinicians as Transgressive sexuality definition object.

Becoming is an aspiration for change in thinking the material self. Becoming deterritorialises subjectivity, mobilising rather than reifying the way we think self. The familiar territory of subjectivity resonates with sexual territory but more importantly with the familiar territory of how we think our subjectivity.

Deterritorialising subjectivity embraces the risks and powers of leaving familiar territories of thought and act. Becoming has a lot in common with my use of the term pervert because both are a setting off of the subject without a final aim but with an idea toward what one becomes, which in turn insinuates that from which one is perverted. However, it is also more than thinking the self through what the Transgressive sexuality definition does rather than is.

Acting is not performed in order to achieve attainable goals. Becoming is thinking the enacting body through the connections it makes which reassemble it. But sexuality is defined through the relation of movement intensities, transformations, affects between subject and act, and the affects produced Transgressive sexuality definition this relationship.

Deleuze and Guattari state that "natural history can Transgressive sexuality definition only in terms of relationships between a and b not in terms of production from A to x " and that "perception will no longer reside in the relation between a subject and an object, but rather in the movement serving as the limit of that relation in the period associated with that subject and object" Hence utilising a perverse object or act to become otherwise is not about the essential perversion of object or act but the Transgressive sexuality definition the relationship pushes.

Perversion cannot be subsumed under prescriptions of 'how to be perverse'. Perverse sexuality can be found in the quietest Transgressive sexuality definition moment or Transgressive sexuality definition intercourse as much as outrageous acts or objects.

Perversion is found in how the constellation of sexuality, desire and the flesh are Transgressive sexuality definition, not the way this constellation fits into established sexual definitions and meanings. Perversion is contingent on the extent to which limits of paradigms of affect, subjectivity and power are renegotiated.

Becoming resonates around the multiplicity of proximities that effectuate and transform any individual at any point in existence. Becoming is not a metaphor of being or thinking differently, it is not a Transgressive sexuality definition activity whereby one simply turns into an identifiable something else.

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