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Laura mary carter steven ansell dating

unveil the menacing 'Eye To...

Coming from the DIY scene, they organised a jam one day and within a few weeks had written some songs and organised a gig, such is the chemistry that immediately sparked into life. Hard working and with an unrivalled enthusiasm for music, their loud and energetic music is a mix of punk, post-punk and underground american rock and hardcore, drawing inspirations from the likes of Nirvana, Queen of the Stone Age, Fugazi and Sonic Youth.

On a rare break, the Horsham raised Stephen is 'relaxing' in Brighton, catching up with friends, and looking forward to their last show of the year, as part of Drill: I know it's good for you, good for your mental health, but it's a very abrupt Laura mary carter steven ansell dating of pace, from having something to Laura mary carter steven ansell dating every day, being in a different place, then suddenly, 'what am I doing today'.

In Horsham, you say you want to be in a rock'n'roll band and they laugh, and tell you to get a real job. Then you come to Brighton and you say you want to be in a rock'n'roll band and they say: It seemed the obvious place to go; all the record shops, all the bands touring. As soon as I did my A levels I moved here.

There's something about the town which is transitory, it feels like its always got an influx of new people, but somehow it does pretty much feel the same as it always does. I think if I lived here all the time I would get restless, because it is quite small… But coming back it feels like home.

And it's really easy to get around and see my friends. My band mate Laura-Maryas soon as she gets home to London she has to spend 40 minutes on a tube just to see friends.

Take a look at an...

I'm very grateful I don't have to do that," he laughs. When we started the band I was living here and she was in London, but to get things going she moved down here for a few years. And when the band got going, she moved back to London. We could afford to. She's been there the last four years. She finds Brighton very small….

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She was in a band called Lady Muck. I saw them a few times. They played shows in the South of England and that was it. I became friends with their bass player, and then at some point Laura said to me that sometime we should have a jam. And the day Cat on Form broke up, she emailed me to say when are we going to have that jam. And we became Blood Red Shoes almost immediately. She came down from London and I met her at the train station. We had a rehearsal space that was Cat on Form's rehearsal room, and she was really shocked because I was playing guitar in Cat on Form, and I had decided that I wanted to play drums now.

She was expecting that "Laura mary carter steven ansell dating" would play with two guitars, maybe write some songs and jam. I said, 'no, I'm not fucking playing guitar anymore, I'm playing drums'. And she said, 'can you play drums'? I said 'not really, but I'm sure it'll be alright'. She was really surprised," he laughs. The first single we ever released was a song called 'Victory For The Magpie', and that song we wrote in our first ever jam. Laura came up with that.

Magpies come out of nowhere, pick up something shiny, and then disappear - victory for the magpie! It was really bizarre, we didn't know each other as Laura mary carter steven ansell dating, we just knew each other from the music scene.

We hadn't hung out. But we started writing songs. We were both surprised, we hadn't experienced that before. We immediately spoke the same language, which is why we just ran with it. We booked a gig two weeks after that rehearsal, and just got on with it.

And we're still here ten years later. When we say punk rock, we have its spirit; we're very strong willed, we like to do things Laura mary carter steven ansell dating own way, we don't like to wait for anyone else to be excited or wait for anyone's permission. We'll just fucking do it.

And I think that punk rock ethos, that sense of you doing everything under your own steam, is something that will stay with us. The first thing we are releasing is Tigercub's single 'Centrefold'which comes out next week.

Interview: Steven Ansell from Blood...

We thought we would start off by releasing something from a Brighton band. We're keeping our eyes peeled "Laura mary carter steven ansell dating" other bands, but we don't just want to release records, we're interested in releasing photobooks and spoken word recordings.

It's quite a fluid thing, we just want to release anything we like or want to support when we have the time to do it. Now that we've been around long enough we have the resources, we have the connections, to make sure it gets to all the right places, to make a decent job of the label. It was more work than we thought," Steven laughs, "but we don't have to take care of the nuts and bolts, the manufacturing, the distribution I want to see 2: You get the picture… Basically, when we finish touring, we're hungry for more music… For me, all I ever wanted to do was music every day and I still pretty much feel like that.

It's rare to have a day off from music. I love going to see bands, I love being in studios, never got bored of it, and I miss it when I don't do it. So, I might be knackered from touring, and stay at home for a day, watch Breaking Bad, drink some tea, but then I want to see something.

There's nothing more inspiring as a musician than to see someone else absolutely Laura mary carter steven ansell dating nail it. I walk out the room, and feel 'right, I need to get going'. It keeps the fire burning. It was a risk, it doubled our work load, because we didn't have somebody else helping "Laura mary carter steven ansell dating" everything, taking care of all the producing and engineering side.

But it was enjoyable, I really liked it. I don't think we'll do it like that again - we'll do something different - but it felt like the right time to do that and we're really pleased with the results. I think it's our best record and our best songs. And, we learned a hell of a lot, throwing yourselves into that without anyone else.

Putting all that responsibility on ourselves, where you have to make Laura mary carter steven ansell dating decisions. It was a real steep learning curve.

Before we would have a producer, and whatever they said we would tend to agree with, because we felt they could hear it more like the audience would hear it. It's a really good exercise, I think every band should, at some point, self-produce. We moved to Berlin for six months last year, re-located there, and took most of the stuff over and pieced it together in a studio, and bought a few extra bits.

We basically built our own mobile recording rig in a big empty concrete space. There's a lot of things about it that remind me of Brighton: It's freer, it's very left-leaning, there's more to do than a job, and there's a really strong artistic community.

And it's very connected, everyone's really connected "Laura mary carter steven ansell dating" everyone else, which reminds me of Brighton. I find Brighton people, compared to other cities in England, really supportive of each other. I don't really know what it's like in other countries, although I hear from Laura mary carter steven ansell dating bands in the US that things aren't very supportive there.

People in Brighton tend to be pleased about other bands success, whereas in London people can be quite jealous, or suspicious or competitive. That's still the basis for most of the songs that we write. We'll go in with no preconceived ideas, and then if things happen, they happen.

And if they don't, then we might take a break and start again. Sometimes, we'll sit down with two guitars and write or go onto the piano or I will write and Laura mary carter steven ansell dating a drumbeat and email it to Laura and see if she comes up with something to go over it.

Recently, I've been trying to come up with vocal melodies and try and work the other parts around that. We also record a lot of things we jam and go back to see if there was anything good there. And we also fuck around more; we'll take a jam, put it on computer, maybe take the guitar riff and play it backwards and then re-learn it. Just screw things up a bit to Laura mary carter steven ansell dating if it inspires you differently to what you Laura mary carter steven ansell dating normally have done.

Blood Red Shoes are an...

I think Laura is more concerned about that, probably because she has to do it on guitar, about how she'll be able to perform it live, generating lots of layers using just the one guitar. But I'm actually quite bloody-minded about that, I Laura mary carter steven ansell dating really fucking care. It you want to make something great, don't worry about how you'll play it until later. Early on, we wanted to make something that worked live, but now I don't really care.

You can do things live that you can't do on a record, and vice versa. It would be boring if I saw a band who sounded exactly like they did on record.

What’s The Kaje about?

But then we decided it would be quite a nice way to end our year, to come back and play a really cool festival in Brighton. So, we said to them Laura mary carter steven ansell dating, we'll play, but we want to play a really small room, play with a couple of bands who are friends of ours'.

Small room, Friday night, make it a party! We're playing Bleach which is the smallest room we've played in Brighton for a long time. Laura mary carter steven ansell dating be an intimate show, and we'll play all our fast songs!

When we saw the line up announced we would have been going to it anyway! We've done a lot of touring, we released an album this year. We're writing more songs, figuring out what we want to do next, how we want to do the next album, even if we want to do another album, because the thing we talk about is about the album format, which is getting out-dated now.

You don't necessarily need to release an album to move your band forward. We talk about releasing songs, speeding up the turnaround time. For a moment the exhaustion of constant touring seems to get the better of Laura- Mary. Her partner in crime, the handsome Steven Ansell, sits.

Interview: Steven Ansell from Blood Red Shoes. Made up of Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter, Blood Red Shoes formed in Brighton . the thing we talk about is about the album format, which is getting out-dated now.

aka Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter, released their debut album BRS play their largest capacity show to date at London's Shepherds.

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Blood Red Shoes interview - Laura-Mary Carter (part 1)

Blood Red Shoes are a notoriously thunderous coupling. Their position for ear-splitting thug laden pop has grown by slow increments from its beginnings in selfish town Brighton, garnering an impressive admirer base and earning them opportunities to tour Europe and Japan, from where they recently returned to home shores. Gigwise caught up with the unbelievably punk twosome in Cambridge on their current tour to see how Steven and Laura-Mary are bearing up answerable to the pressure….

Curled in a dressing room in Cambridge, dressed in knavish, Laura-Mary Carter smiles shyly behind a mass of tangled dark hair. I definitely miss pals and family seeing we pretty lots never see them. For a importance the exhaustion of constant touring seems to get the better of Laura-Mary.

Her partner in crime, the goodly Steven Ansell, sits listening, propped up on the sideboard in the dressing room. There is a steely assurance about Steven, he is almost careful depend on to answer questions but eloquent and smart when he chooses to be.

I ask them if their earmark ever gets them down and Laura-Mary is disarmingly candid with her effect.

What’s The Kaje about?

Laura mary carter steven ansell dating It was really informal; the songs came out of jams when we had a little bit of time off...
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At What Point Do I Believe Her? unveil the menacing 'Eye To Eye' + confirm a headline London date unmissable journey ahead for Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. While drummer/vocalist Steven Ansell is bounding with energy and determined to have a good time, it appears that guitarist/vocalist Laura-Mary Carter is feeling..

Laura mary carter steven ansell dating

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We really wanted to sharpen on literature great songs and in the same instant we had the main support of that we could embellish points in whatever way we felt alter. That modus vivendi = 'lifestyle' behind all the guitar distortion and heavy drums you could play the songs on an acoustic guitar and they could still opinion up on their own. So, notwithstanding example, if we felt like strings or keyboard would exploit in a song anon we should put it in.

We still compatible to room our healthy real and not too over-produced, but we did put more layers on than the previous albums, though each part at bottom has a place. Our voices give birth to been a huge to take action forward exchange for us as we are really scholarship every heyday about how to chorus better and how our voices team each other. Given you have more layers and production wealthy on that time — how on it rewrite live?

According to I said, the buttress of each song is there out-of-doors the building, so it will be a more stripped shy away from version observe. We not be using subsidy tracks or have dividend members, which is something we characterize oneself as very strongly about. At the mo we are rehearsing the songs, and although there is a lot more to visualize about in the direction of both of us, I think there are ways we can work it out. A few songs on the record may not throe in our live highlight but we can tease them acoustic for sessions and heterogeneous other characteristics.

I beget way more pedals trendy and Steve has to take singing and drumming to the next devastate, but we are bold we can pull it off.

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The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground, through to the celebrated and commercial. If it has creativity at its core, we want to know all about it - and in turn let everyone else know too! Have a look through our blog and don't forget to check out the latest issue of our free online magazine! Gripping what appears to be a mug of tea, she slinks on stage and barely says a word as Ansell peps the audience for evening of treats.

With Carter clearly concerned about her well-being, her low energy presence has a clear knock-on effect to the static audience. While understandable that Ansell ensured that the evening ran smoothly, it was a shame that the light and dark that makes the Blood Red Shoes magical was missing from the mix. What could have been a little too late was in fact the vital ingredient to ensure that a cheer filled the audience beckoning the Brighton pair back on stage for an encore.

May 14, Categories: Single Of The Week. While Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell have not really changed the formula, the album shows a growth within their production and sees them delivering a more rounded riot of sound. The harmony displays a maturity which echoes throughout the release.

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