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Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service


By Unhappy Franchisee on June 4, Kelleher International matchmaking service claims, on its MeetTheElite. Bottom line, they do nothing of what they promise. They are running a con to milk people out of their money.

Well, their software looks to be an excel spreadsheet because of the two dates in eight months well below what they promised were disasters. I was told all of the clients had to pass a rigorous screening process and be looking for marriage.

I set up more dates during my membership on my own than they did. The men they set me up with did not match "Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service" requirements or personality on ANY level. They are robbing people pure and simple. They con you into joining and then basically play a shell game without a ping pong ball.

They will rip you off.

Look no further for a...

They will flat out lie to you. Are you familiar with Kelleher International?

Please share your experience — good or bad — in the comment section below. I had a very poor experience with the service and was quite displeased and disappointed with the results.

I was promised many qualified matches with qualified and attractive women. I even wrote several certified letters advising Kelleher that I would be filing a complaint with the BBB and other organizations Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service I Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service not get some results or receive a refund.

In the end nothing came of it and it was my serious regret to have ever become involved with this organization. If you are considering this service, you may want to reconsider!

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I was signed up with this company for 2 years. The few men that I was introduced to were a Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service disappointment.

I would not have gone out with any of them for a second time. Yes, I was easy to match as it was done totally randomly. Every match I had except one lived over 50 miles away, two in different cities. I really thought I would get excellent, one of one service for the amount of money I spent and the quality of the matches would be high. Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service would go months without hearing from them and when I would query I would get some random match.

I think they must have a very small base of people to choose from. After signing up I heard from another friend they had briefly been involved with KHA and had a very similar poor experience. Run, run and run away…do not give them any money. They set me up with most of the same men I had already seen through online dating, people I had no interest in going out with!

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A couple of Key Problems with this service: The person who interviews the male party "Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service" most often NOT the same person who interviews the female party they just review notes in a databasetherefore there is NO WAY they can truly make a good personality match. The other major problem is that they refuse to show you photos of the people they are setting you up with.

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Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service This would save everyone a ton of time by avoiding those you are not at all attracted to, or people you already know. If they showed you photos, you would recognize most of the men from online dating sites. Posted in ALL Tagged franchise news. Welcome to Franchise Publicity - the writer's and bloggers resource for franchise and business stories and information.

Compare the best matchmaking services using expert Kelleher international dallas matchmaking service and Many reputable organizations have featured Kelleher International. Jill Kelleher-Andrews founded Kelleher International in Before launching the luxury matchmaking service, Adler was an executive. Kelleher International matchmaking service claims, on its website, that it Kathryn from Dallas, TX wrote: I was signed up.

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