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By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. No-one can predict whether your partner is going to betray you by cheating. But, thanks to research, we now know there are certain factors that predispose people to being unfaithful.

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Some of these are within your partner's control — like whether they have a history of infidelity. Others aren't - their parents had affairs, they're good looking or they happen to work in finance the most adulterous profession of all.

Tracey Cox reveals the 12 crucial signs that could mean that your partner is going to cheat - or that they already are. This list will make you paranoid if your partner ticks all the boxes but it still doesn't mean they will definitely cheat. As with any relationship advice, trust your instincts as you answer each of the questions below. But if your partner does score highly, be aware they are more vulnerable to temptation than most.

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Were they with someone else when you met? Three separate studies set out to find out if luring someone away from another results in a healthy, long-term relationship with the person they left to be with. Poached partners tend to be in more dysfunctional relationships, make less reliable mates and are less satisfied and committed than people who were single and available when you met.

The studies also showed they're more likely to cheat and have more narcissistic traits. How often are you having sex?

Tracey says that even if you are enjoying a healthy sex life your partner could still be looking elsewhere. Most people assume Naked husband cheated before wife come home video they're still having lots of sex with their partner, it means they're not getting it elsewhere. While low or no sex does make it more likely for your partner to cheat, men particularly often become hyperactive sexually when they start having an affair.

It's change that you should be on the alert for: Have they stopped watching porn? A survey by Illicit Encounters, the website for married people looking for an affair, found half of the 1, men they polled stopped watching porn completely while they were having affairs.

Other research has found people who watch porn and masturbate are less likely to cheat than those who don't. Did either of their parents have an affair?