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Merkel has a famous and deathly fear of dogs. She has since childhood. The meeting underscores a strained political relationship that will be tested anew when the two leaders take part in the G20 summit July in Hamburg that US President Donald Trump also will attend. Today, we say that not only is it not a friend, it is increasingly not a partner. Despite those differences, Merkel and Putin have a bond based on her upbringing in East Germany, which had been under Soviet control until Germany was reunified and the Soviet Union dissolved "Russian online dating pics get a pet" generation ago.

Putin still laments the break-up. Merkel speaks Russian and loves Russian literature, while Putin speaks German and has a daughter who was born in Germany, where Putin spent five years as a KGB intelligence officer. Putin has since apologised for bringing Konnie to the meeting with Merkel.

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Photos of the encounter show Merkel looking anxious as the hefty black Labrador sniffs her then settles near her feet. Putin looks their way and flashes a mischievous grin. Putin features regularly in staged photographs where he can be seen feeding a young elk, frolicking with Bulgarian shepherd dogs in the snow or holding fluffy kittens while comforting victims of natural disasters.

He also burnishes his macho credentials by Russian online dating pics get a pet images and video of himself assisting in polar bear research, hunting Siberian tigers or riding horses — sometimes bare-chested — across remote Russian tundra.

Merkel, by all accounts, rarely leaves the house for breaks. She likes baking and making potato soup. A few years ago, she broke her hip while cross-country skiing.

Both were born Russian online dating pics get a pet the former Eastern bloc. Putin hung onto the old system and idolised the strength of the Soviet state. He deplored the collapse of the Soviet Union, whereas Merkel openly embraced the West and the United States and everything that gave us liberal democracy. The feeling may be mutual. Merkel supports EU sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Ukraine, and Germany is a loyal member of Nato, the western military alliance that Putin resents for enlisting former Russian allies.

Skip to main content. Tuesday, 04 July, Wednesday, 30 August,6: Related topics Angela Merkel. World Merkel a hard act to follow at a time when unity is key for the EU 6 Nov Diplomacy Merkel 'has set a good example' for Western leaders dealing with China 31 Oct Konnie died in Putin has "Russian online dating pics get a pet" other dogs.

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You can't see body language over the phone, and not everyone is good on the phone.

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